The Power of the Dog (2021)

The Power of the Dog (2021)
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140eme film of the year and discovery of the new Jane Campion, party at Netflix who manages to break little by little glass ceilings, it’s not bad without that this is my cup of tea.

In 20 years, the brothers Burbank live in perfect harmony in their huge ranch in Montana. When George marries Rose, the universe of Phil collapses…

The Power of the Dog (2021)

New shot from net in the universe Netflix with the integration in the ranks of the firm of the multirécompensée director of new Zealand, who offers us this time a deep dive into the Wild West of the early Twentieth century with a blended family by the force of the things that members are not complementary, as their visions of life are opposite.

Real study behaviorist, Campion fun to depict the masculinity of another time, of all that there are more gross or downright toxic and retrograde where difference is not tolerated in an atmosphere full of testosterone with trends indigenous homoerotic in some respects. Manhood, working the land, grime, and bass work alongside the pleasure of the senses, sexuality, nudity, and delicacy without that shock the retina of the viewer.

In the course of the story, Campion strives to blur the lines after characterizing fairly coarse its characters, to develop a plot, combining a part of any pretense, puzzles, and non-dits, the viewer does not include the end towards which tended to the story which is rather interesting, even if I think it should have been much more concise (there are a good 20 mins too), but without this takes away anything in the story or even the balance a little more, the story is rather stingy of action even if it is not disturbing in itself.

Psalm Verse 22 :” Deliver my soul from the sword, my well-beloved of the power of the dog. “the sword represents the pain, the dog is representative of the persecutor.
This verse is important because it justifies the actions of one of the protagonists that is committed to the mission of protecting a core insulated, stranded and abandoned by all even though it costs.

The quartet (see trio) of the characters is interesting enough not to see the attention of the viewer is flying by too quickly.

The cast made the taff even if our own Dr. Strange international trend in my taste a bit too much forced his accent but hey, that’s highly subjective, married to the city as the screen is good as usual and the one who is the son of Kirsten happens to be a game between the relative apparent weakness, the intriguing and a certain darkness. Congratulations to him.

On a visual level, it is excellent and it is with this kind of film we realize the abyss abyssal between the yes man and autrices (or authors) in which the image is important even in the heart of the story. a superb photographs with a beautiful color enhances the landscape and the scenery so many nights as days, both internal and external thanks to the panoramic showing the vastness of the environment, of beautiful compositions of frames, travelings and all the visual grammar of the perfect little author is.

The sound part is that it is mixing, foley, sound editing or the soundtrack, it is quite correct.

In the end, this film is a nice visual well done with a story rather entertaining with characters rather well-interpreted, although a bit exaggerated- especially Phil– the development of which in the course of the story re-injected in the interest of the plot is the component of the few actions in itself, but which, however, could have been shortened by at least 20 minutes to gain efficiency without losing tension.

I haven’t spent inherently a bad time even if I have seen of the obvious flaws in my eyes that prevented me from fully enjoy the footage, but I’m rewriting, there is quality in the film in an undeniable way.

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