The Last Voyage (2020)

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Little science fiction film that intends to demonstrate that the French cinema is able to propose works challenging and interesting in this genus, The Last voyage of Romain Quirot, of which it is the first film, is mixed of good intentions, but fails completely in its ambitions and in the fact of simply being a good movie.

To think that only Luc Besson may be able to offer science-fiction films of quality in our cinematic landscape. In the mist (2018) by Daniel Roby with Romain Duris and Olga Kurylenko was a nice surprise in the genre, and to view the trailer for the Last trip it could also be expected to be a quality film. It turns out that, in fact, not since the first film by a young director is a great disappointment that the scenario, sewn with white thread and at the end incomprehensible, struggling to convince. References Romain Quirot for his film are very clear, of Mad Max : Fury Road, the Fifth Element up to 2001 : a Space OdysseyBlade Runner, or The Last fight, but they are not enough to raise it to the rank of a good movie or friendly entertainment of science-fiction.

The plot of the departure follows an astronaut in flight, which refuses to fulfill his mission to destroy the red Moon threatens our planet. The film turns into a road movie where our hero, accompanied by a young girl, performs a kind of journey intimate in order to understand the visions he has since very young to the fact of not to destroy the red Moon. Interestingly on paper, the story of the Last trip is, unfortunately, very poorly narrated and directed by Romain Quirot that doesn’t make the viewers understand the challenges of her story, nor the result of it. It all seems very abstract and agreed, and I’m still looking to understand the end of the film, that is to say, everything is very enigmatic.

Some parts of the scenario are indeed very poorly embedded in the set, starting with the story of the brother of the hero that arrives as a hair on the soup (which is its “power,” why does he hurt people he met, what with the red Moon ? Taking possession of individuals once they come in contact with it ?). The plot around this famous red Moon is also very strange and poorly exploited (is this an extraterrestrial being benevolent or malevolent ? What does she do at the fair ? Y-a-t-il a speech ecological as well as the end suggests ?) and the flashbacks in black and white around the past of the hero are not, on their side, not explained at all (what is the relationship between its mission and the death of his mother? Is it connected to the red Moon following his incident with the red flash? Why his father wants to send it to destroy it, relative to the death of his mother ?). It is very mysterious and vague, nothing is properly explained so that we stay on our hunger. The director seems to be completely lost on the way because nothing works in his history, no credible explanation, no link between the different storylines, one end is missed, etc

There was, therefore, of the ambition on this film SF French, with some decors that are interesting, beautiful plans on landscapes of apocalyptic, some costumes and visuals that are worth clearly the look for a French production, but for the story and characters, nothing goes. The Last Journey is a test for the French cinema in the genre of science fiction, but a test that is not transformed by his director, who completely fails to tell a good story and we propose an implementation of a coherent and interesting.

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