The Last Dance (2020)

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Netflix has so far devoted little docu-series in the middle of the sport. There has been some testing of the stories are different, such as that of Maradona , who leads a team Mexican football (Maradona in Mexico) and the one in this team, a high school student to a Navajo reservation to be followed in the quest to be a champion of ArizonaBasketball or Nothing). However, it lacked the series dedicated to an icon, that combines irreversibly with the sport as it will be marked throughout his career by his victories and his charisma. Lance Armstrong and cycling, Tiger Woods and the golf course, Michael Schumacher and the Formula1… Michael Jordan and basketball.

The Last Dance is the name that the coach of the Chicago Bulls, Phil Jackson, gave to the season 97-98. A particular season. While the Bulls dominate the NBA with five titles in seven years, the General Manager of the team, Jerry Krause, announced during the summer that this season will be the last of the coach, even if the team won all 82 games of the regular season. In the aftermath, Michael Jordan, the big star of the team, threatens to leave if Jackson is not to be renewed. It is in an atmosphere of tense, that begins the season 97-98, the one where JordanPippenRodman and the other Bulls will be vying for a sixth title. A season high-in the colour that makes us relive the series, interspersed with flashbacks to the previous seasons of Jordan, all passed in the suit of the Bulls, as well as his short career in baseball.

Michael Jordan has placed at the center of the mini-series The Last Dance. All of the projectors on Netflix and ESPN, the producers of the series, are focused on the legend of basketball. The other protagonists are that of the extras, including Scottie Pippen, his faithful lieutenant. Some are still entitled to a digression of the documentary that lingers, more or less long, to brush their portrait, but still made the parallel with Jordan, never leaving the path traced out for and especially by the star.

The images of the film crew that followed the Bulls during the famous season 97-98, therefore, are dug up for the occasion, they had never been shown on tv because it requires the agreement of Jordan. The timeline of the series is exemplary, juggling between sequences of matches, interviews, past players and moments of relaxation in the locker room or on the go. The spectator, sharing, and intimacy of this team and its protagonists. A willingness to immersion successful.

In the shadow media of Jordan, and of the other stars of the league, he must not forget to mention David Stern, the commissioner of the NBA from 1984 to 2014, and died in the beginning of the year. The grand architect of what is now the NBA, David Stern began his career as a commissioner of the year in which Michael Jordan was drafted. He straightened the NBA, transforming the American league, dying in a powerful multinational, stirring the billions of dollars each year.

The Last Dance is a great success story that will delight aficionados of basketball, the novices, but also those who are not interested in this sport. Because Michael Jordan is an integral part of pop culture, whether it be through his famous pair of basketball or his role in the animated film Space Jam. The docu-series is focused on the star, which does not suffer, the long ten episodes, any questioning of his leadership and his attitude on and off the floors. A gambling addiction ? Lie. Violence unbearable against young players of the team? Perhaps, but only for their good. Nothing will so affect the image of the legend.

But Michael Jordan, nicknamed Air Jordan and His Airness, may be exalted by the series, the viewer discovers watermark a man sadly alone, filled with such rage, such a spirit of competition and a thirst to crush his competitors, and that makes it social. Thus, one discovers a Jordan forging strong ties with his security team, but never with his teammates, including a Pippen , with whom he spent the majority of his career.

The Last Dance is the story of a genius of basketball and a competitor, unparalleled marked in iron red to the world of sports, Michael Jordan, the giant whose shadow hangs always on the NBA.

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