The Clash of the Titans Review

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Synopsis : Born of a god but raised as a man, Perseus could not save his family from the clutches of Hades, the vengeful god of the world of the Underworld. Having nothing more to lose, Perseus volunteers to lead a dangerous task and deal a fatal blow to Hades before he takes hold of the power of Zeus, and make it reign hell on earth. Perseus embarks on a perilous journey into the depths of the worlds prohibited.(Allociné)

First of all, The Clash of the Titans is a film released in theaters in 3-dimensional and 3D glasses required. The 3 dimension is not very well managed, and the viewer inherits quickly of a headache in few scenes that use this technology. The rest of the time, you can take off your glasses without concern because of the 3D there are almost none.

The last film in the Warner Bros is the remake of Clash of the Titans 1981, including the scenario of the mythological explains the footsteps of Perseus. One wonders where the choice of such a title is. Any titan (giant) does not appear in the film: therefore, it’s difficult to get a shock with it all… A mistranslation of the English name, not at all. It is just a choice likely to be assumed by the production, but that can only question the viewer. In addition, the scenario was not original, and the viewer knows from the first few minutes of the film, how it will end.

In relation to actors, Sam Worthington me very enthusiastic. In Avatar, I had already found no relief. Its role does not lead to anything new…an actor who is clearly not ready to have an Oscar. Liam Neeson is completely lost and seems to wonder what he does in this film. No other role not out of the lot, to believe that the actors were there, because they have seen the light…

Finally, how to talk about Clash of the Titans not to mention special effects, or rather of the “avalanche” of special effects… It seems that the production has staked everything on it, so turn up the level more than commonplace of the film. However, we must admit that the result is nice: scorpions giants are very well made. A lot of monsters, and other mythological beasts come to life with realism. In addition, the synthetic elements are very well integrated in the image. This is probably the only positive element of the film, and yet, they have managed to spoil it by putting the image of synthesis in all the sauces. The viewer is rather amazed at the beginning, and then as it fills up, as put off by too many special effects.

The conclusion of a Critical Film about The Clash of the Titans is that it is a film that is frankly way, to go to rest his mind. But don’t expect to make great cinema: you won’t find that one episode longer Xena the warrior

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