Raya and the Last Dragon

Raya and the Last Dragon
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Discovering the script of the new animated film from Disney, I told myself that it was going to take a little one of the recent project Vaiana: The Legend of the end of the world and that this particularly pleased me. This is perfectly the case, I found everything that I needed to entertain myself pleasantly. It is an animated film interesting, well-designed, from the beginning to the end with a context legendary wonderfully composed of very small wonders of Asia, which are a pleasure to see. The first thing that attracted me is that the film is wonderful imaging of exotic settings of the Asia South-east, it passes through the cities rich with corners more of nature, such as forests dives in the dark or deserts torrid.

It is very beneficial for this kind of project because it is an environment which is widely used to create usually good movies adventure/fantasy these days. Watching with a lot of attention this animation, we note that Walt Disney breaks bad code on their recipe cinema habitual. The first thing to know… there isn’t a song, it is purely dialogue, and the action of parading without the slightest break of pace. It must be said that the songs were lightly tapping me on the nerves for strength to not hurt in some movies like The snow Queen 2 or Vaiana : the Legend of The end of the world, the fact that they did not hear a single during the viewing I was completely surprised.

Another important point to know about this new way of doing business is concerned with the heroine. We are dealing with a veteran’s smart and very original, we do not really know if she is from Thailand, Indonesia or Cambodia, but it is a beauty quite stunning, it is physical rather similar to that of Vaiana. Regardless of its origins, I found it very adult, very extractor and fairly new compared to most of the princesses seen in the wide world of Walt Disney. This is a warrior, very smart, a woman with a quick wit is well-defined, the kind of woman to which there attaches very quickly, so much so that it differentiates itself from the other icons of the universe Disney.

Of course, we find in it everything that is basic in this kind of feature-length film as a plethora of characters that are different from each other according to their age, their physical or their spirit. The animation quality is good and the movements are fluid and well cared for, especially during the fight scenes which create a show rich in tension with the effective use of the ancient martial arts. As I said, there are a lot of elements that made me think of the film Vaiana: The Legend of the end of the world because it is clear that there is a terrible plague that has spread, he must deliver a precious piece in its place and that it is necessary to overcome a number of obstacles to put an end to all the evil.

A scenario is certainly basic but told and developed intelligently, it is composed of details that create a rhythm well supported and fast-paced to develop a legendary world at once curious and appealing. This is a project that I was well satisfied as a whole, it could have been better used on some of the details and some of the concepts I thought were a little exaggerated, but hey, it is a spectacle rewarding, sought after, and a wealth that is far from having been neglected, with a definition of trust and of rivalry between the different peoples of interesting and an ounce of humor that goes well with everything. 8/10

  • All I knew is that they had confidence in me, and that I had confidence in them.

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