Luca movie Review

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Luca does not seem to unleash passions.

Many of you have probably already told you that it was a Pixar minor or even industrial. They may not be wrong on the line, after all.

Because Luca is enrolled in light-years, obviously brilliant debut, or even of melancholy and poetry of Vice-Versa or the recent Soul. There will be no more of strong concepts and innovation, daring, or of what distinguished immediately the studio to the lamp from its competitors in terms of animation.

But Luca retains still a certain charm, seductive Italian that flourishes in the pictures, and the sun-sovereign bathing in the idyllic setting of a small coastal village of old-fashioned looks like a fantasy. While the first part of the film seems to be leading the dolce vita with its challenges ridiculous – Think-you, a simple Vespa! – who marry desires at the height of the child.

Desires of freedom and travel are shared by the two friends to the discovery of the world, sparking both curiosity, envy, and fear. Shared by the world of men through the myths and legends featuring the threat of sea monsters, backdrop for a story about difference and acceptance of the other. That may seem naive in the eyes of some, but never thick. Because there may be, also, another thing animating the work.

Because Luca’s kids, visit, linger, and embarks in small twists, turns, typical of summer vacation, with everything they have in terms of lightness, of malice and friendship. Luca embraces, in turn, the dreams of Vespa, victory, or to put an end to a reign of terror by a nasty operetta. That is, those that are fed by others, Alberto, and Giulia. The trio will be blurred, to better reconcile. But Luca is gaining the fact of having grown up a little, giving body to his own dream: to gain freedom through knowledge.

The beauty of the film is well and truly here, as well as the pleasure of sharing the journey of Luca to this tiny Italian village of the sun, pasta, fishing and sweetness of life. And there’s also this atmosphere subliminal, in the form of a tribute to the spirit, the Ghibli, which ran the story of the emancipation of a film such as Kiki the Little Witch.

It will continue to fly high in the sky. Luca, him, despite his charm, sometimes moving, only gives a body to the carefree summer, its meetings, its smiles, and the ice cream that we enjoyed. But never go beyond. Without ever reconnect with the fullness of the magic of Pixar’s beginnings.

While showing himself to be endearing.

Behind_the_Mask, which puts some oil to slide like a sardine.

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