House of Gucci (2021)

House of Gucci (2021)
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House of Gucci tells the empire family behind the famous luxury brand Italian. The story spans three decades of passions, betrayal, decadence, revenge, and ends with a murder.

House of Gucci is a film by Ridley Scott released in 2021. It is the second film in the year of the director after The final duel.
The world stopped for almost 2 years with the crisis of the COVID but this has not slowed down in anything verve creative director of Alien and Duelists.

Grandeur and decadence of the fashion house Gucci
House of Gucci (2021)

House of Gucci tackles questions of the mode and the legacy. In the mid 70’s so carefree, Gucci occupies an important place in the fashion world. RodolfoAldo Gucci, and their family live in the lap of luxury and opulence. Their prosperity is based on the company’s home dedicated to leather goods and other luxury fragrances created in the ’20s by Guccio Gucci.
Rodolfo and his son Maurizio Gucci live in a sumptuous villa in Florence.
The film is centered on the romance between Patrizia Reggiani and Maurizio Gucci. These two meet at a private party in a nightclub.
Maurizio Gucci is a young law student as Patrizia Reggiani, a secretary in the business of road transport of his father, obviously an expert in the “things of love”, has no trouble seducing. The “big guy” falls in the trap and he proposes marriage, the “great disappointment” of his father, who “cut the bridges with him.
On the other side of the Atlantic, Aldo Gucci made to rotate the shops of the brand and is trying to stop, as much as,the ardor of his son, Paolo, who is a genius of fashion. Over the years, things will considerably complicated for the empire Gucci. If Rodolfo and Aldo were not gifted, their offspring are even less inspired. About Patrizia, the beautiful girl, she is going to sow discord in the clan.
In view of the film, it seems that the talent of Guccio Gucci was so “skipped” generations.

House of Gucci has not convinced me, for the following reasons.


The description of a fashion house, a good subject for a film?


House of Gucci lasts for more than 2h30. To make a film on the topic of fashion is it really a good idea? After viewing this film, I will answer in the negative. Many sequences domestic revolving around the countless problems of the protagonists are useless, but they serve to fill the vacuum that would have felt the spectator he had to “stuff” of fashion and general meetings of shareholders for more than 2 hours. And then there’s this last turn of breath between story of passion and crime mafia….

In fact, the first problem of this last film by Ridley Scott remains of his subject, where the weakness of the latter.

Histrionics generalized

House of Gucci is distinguished by the composition surjouée of its actors. Jared Leto the hunk should certainly say that it has fulfilled the performance of the year in interpreting this be pushing that was Paolo Gucci, an ugly, which while whiny, was convinced of being a creative mode misunderstood. This is not really the case, especially as it does not recognise it almost not behind many of the “bread of makeup”. In contrast, Jared Leto could hardly get the Oscar dialogues in the most vulgar of the year.
Like what, the world of players is fixed sometimes the objectives that only a player can understand…

Lady Gaga interpreter Patrizia Reggini, the “praying mantis” as the father of Maurizio compares ironically to Elizabeth Taylor during their first meeting. It is a flattering, there is no picture in between the 2. Does not mean that he had “put his son in custody” and that he was right…
Lady Gaga is not an actress and it shows. She rolls eyes and feels compelled to “roll also R” during all the dialogues of the film for a reason inexplicable since she speaks a priori English every day.
I believe thatAl Pacino should also consider retirement. The actor surjoue is also the composition of Aldo Gucci, wavering between benevolence, threats, and eccentricities of any kind.
About Salma Hayek in the role of Pina, the cartomancienne television….it is far from the time of’A night in Hell.

Everything histrionics struggles to hide the few issues of the film.

In fact, this galaxy of characters is not interesting at all. The power lies elsewhere, in particular in the hands of some of the “cornerstones” of the family (Domenico De Sole, a lawyer of the family). The foreign shareholders will expel soon the last of the “lazy kings” from their thrones.

House of Gucci abyss in a format that is far too long considering what it has to tell, and even taking the film in the second degree, the House of Gucci will seem long to many spectators.

In his pin-stripe suit and behind her big glasses on, I think that Adam Driver is ripe to make a third movie about Yves Saint Laurent….

House of Gucci has a good soundtrack.

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