Encanto : The Fantastic Family Madrigal (2021)

Encanto : The Fantastic Family Madrigal (2021)
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I’ve never hidden being a huge fan limit (fanatic) Byron Howard, in particular for his work on Rapunzel and Zootopie, which are both parts of my top 10. Keep this in mind for the sequel to the critical and especially on my theories contractors of the failure of the film.
Remember, in my review not very complimentary on Raya, I said : “Let them wait in the waiting Encanto, which we do not know much if it is not the presence of Byron Howard to the realization, which is reason enough to hope for the best.”
Well, that is what happened? Between that and Raya, the decade begins very badly for Disney.

Encanto is without doubt the Disney the more static, it even uses some codes from the eight-ended by the time. It is for this reason that there are, among other things, an abundance of characters between each other, which in fact probably Disney with most of the secondary characters (almost all of them are present from the beginning to the end) of Disney since…Bienvenue chez les Robinson…it smells not good. It may be where the problem starts, with the first song almost list of the race, unable to pass on his message first (the one to show that Mirabel is out of his family, the idolater, but that it is impossible to reach) in losing the viewer in a list unbearable character.

I sincerely believe that to remove the family of the aunt (except the last one) would have been a real breath of fresh air to the narration as it does nothing other than poison the screen time of the important characters and their discussions. Yes, the film is the lacks dialogue between Mirabel and his mother, and his sisters, but also between the grandmother, Alma, girls, and little girls (other than Mirabel).

Encanto : The Fantastic Family Madrigal (2021)

At no time is this click which we passed in the second arc, I personally experienced Encanto like a long introduction, especially when you see the end (we’ll come back to later), and above all the lightness with which it is treated the plot, already that we don’t believe in none of the characters (even Mirabel who receives the other side of the coin, by putting down constantly, it has never been a real moment in the introduction to the appreciation) it was more that at no point in the film to make us feel the danger. I sincerely wanted to let myself be lulled by the work of the team of Byron Howard, but it never gave me the opportunity to get involved emotionally in the plot, or even to simply believe in this plot.

So this is the work of Lin-Manuel Miranda? The new prodigy music? I don’t want to show me scornfully, but to remind you of one type of music of Encanto? I want to say apart from I am waiting for the Miracle, and at the limit That I know to do (You can still congratulate Under the Appearances for her risk-taking) it is still very average, and even those songs are miles from the work of Alan Menken on Rapunzel and Christophe Beck on the 2 Snow Queen. Yes, I’m bad language, Lin Manuel Miranda has provided an outstanding job on Va├»ana but it only reinforces the lack of sound quality Encanto. But true, the main problem with the songs is that there are too many. It was certainly also a lot in the Snow Queen 2, but the music in these was used to accentuate the emotional involvement of the viewer in the travels of initiation of the characters, not to create relationships. Narrativement, the music of Bruno, and the sisters serve both to introduce the characters and more to prove a form of redemption (not the one on Bruno). When you see the music in Rapunzel, Vaiana, and the two Snow Queen, she knew how to respond to a specific purpose : presentation, disruptive element, episode, resolution element. But each time, these songs were centered on one or two characters maximum (except for the Snow Queen 2 but it would belong to explain how it works), whereas here we get lost in all of this family tree. The music seems to have been added to compensate for the lack of character development, but this is far not enough to fill the gaps in the film.

But what pisses me off the most with Encanto, is no doubt this unpleasant feeling that we wanted to block the film to make it follow the pretty plan Disney, a little like Raya who had need of his time in addition to work. For me the moment that shows the more it is without a doubt when Mirabel told Bruno that if others reject it is because it is different, then that is completely wrong if Bruno was detested it is first of all because it showed the truth to the people who believed in a heaven, an Encanto. It is this critical for the denial of the real, which governs the implementation of part of the mountains that are safe-space, the fact that the assumption that magic is dying, which makes the eldest less strong where even this way unpleasant to the grandmother to reassure everyone. It is these non-dits that destroy the family, destroy the house, it is these non-said that it is actually under-estimate the indigenous peoples of the danger to Spanish. So why come to break with the theme-used the difference? I am convinced that it was added at the very end as the general idea is clear both from the end back to the status quo fails, as it was intended to destroy this magic artificial so that the family can finally build their own dreams.

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