Dune (2021) Review

Dune (2021) Review
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So, Dune is very fast.

It is very good, but a little cold. Strangely enough, the intensity and the excesses of the film of Lynch (in the middle of a pack of stuff dud) used to get more things and seem to me to be more sustainably striking that the approach is deliberately more down-to-earth or “realistic” of Villeneuve.
Certain aspects of the novel are absent, underlining, or introduced (Jihad, ecology vs productivism, manipulation, political and religious, questioning the AI and transhumanism). We will have a better view of the thing when the whole of the first book has been adapted.

But Dune is sleep and already a success, first and foremost because that Denis Villeneuve and the prod manage to convene on the big screen a universe through a visually stunning, then in the willingness on the part of the Canadian film director to deliver a blockbuster that is interested in the basics of what makes a film by asking her story with a great sense of rhythm without sacrificing its history or the development of his characters on the altar of the action is non-stop (even if there are, and a packet).

Dune (2021) Review

The cast is very successful in the together with me as a disappointment-size: Timothee Chalamet and his head of petit-bourgeois well-born, I’m not totally, even if it did not I was not up to me to spoil the fun. And if it is true that Paul is a well-served, and that, therefore, it stands as casting, I just can’t. There is a side too clean, lacking flaws and humanity in him. A look off, cold. The side lost in the dreams of spices Paul is not there. In short, the Chalamet doesn’t convince me really in the role

The music of Zimmer accompanies so bombastically, but with a certain kind of happiness, the implementation stage, as the mystique of the film.

Dune is a very good film of SF that takes its time to tell a story, and all of its elements, the quality of his artistic direction in general staging neat compete to make it a success, even if he trespass sometimes by a side earth to earth where there would appear a touch of madness and mysticism delusional. It is expected all the same forward to the next in order to be able to judge of the complete story.

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